Workshop chairs, workshop authors, and workshop attendees can register for ECIR 2021 for free; unless, of course, they are also authors of a paper for the main conference that they need to register for.

This year, due to ECIR 2021 being an online-only event, we are adopting a very simplified registration model, according to which there are only two types of registrations:

  • Paid registrations (150 EUR registration fee)
  • Free registrations (0 EUR registration fee)

Paid registrations are due by one author per paper according to a one-to-one correspondence between papers and registered authors: i.e., for each two different papers, two different paid registrations must be entered. The actual presenter of the paper may also be a co-author different from the one who has registered for that paper.

All authors not included in the above, and all non-authors, are entitled to a free registration; we hope this will give an opportunity to many IR researchers and practitioners from around the globe to attend and enjoy ECIR 2021.

The fees for students and non-students are the same. Also, there are no time bands (i.e., early bird/regular/late/onsite) for registration, but there are deadlines:

  • Paid registrations must be entered by February 5, 2021
  • Free registrations must be entered by March 25, 2021.

The registration form for you to fill in is at