Fabio Saracco

Fabio Saracco has been Assistant Professor (RTDa) at IMT School For Advanced Studies since May 2016, where He works in the NETWORKS research unit guided by prof. Garlaschelli. Fabio’s actual research is devoted to the theoretical development of tools for the analysis of complex networks; recently these techniques were applied in the context of Online Social Network in the activity of the TOFFEe (TOol for Fighting FakEs), funded by the IMT School For Advanced Studies and leaded by prof. Rocco De Nicola. 


Marco Viviani

Marco Viviani is Assistant Professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Department of Informatics, Systems, and Communication (DISCo). He works in the Information and Knowledge Representation, Retrieval and Reasoning (IKR3) Lab. He has been co-chair of several special tracks and workshops at international conferences, and general co-chair of MDAI 2019. His main research activities include Information Retrieval, Trust and Reputation Management, Knowledge Management, Social Computing, User Modeling. On these topics, he has written several international publications.


Publicity Chair